DUEL connects you with DU’s Principles and your personal leadership skills like no other program.

DU Emerging Leaders experience

The Delta Upsilon Emerging Leaders Experience is an immersive program for first- and second-year students who are interested in developing their leadership potential. It is uniquely designed to help young leaders meet the challenges and responsibilities in life and in their chapter.

Using CliftonStrengths for Students (formerly called StrengthsQuest), the men begin to identify, analyze and understand their personal leadership. They begin to take ownership for creating their ideal experience through Delta Upsilon and identify the specific actions needed to make that experience a reality. They will immerse themselves into conversations regarding diversity and shared values to effectively collaborate and lead through courage and conversation. Most importantly, attendees will create a personal vision of the future for themselves and their chapter.

There are no registration fees for DUEL thanks to the generosity of the DU Educational Foundation and its donors. Attendees are responsible for paying for their travel to and from the program.

DUEL 2023

Delta Upsilon is excited to announce it will host two DUEL sessions in 2023! Thanks to the generosity of brother James Graham, Oregon State '65, DU offered session in conjunction with the Presidents Academy in January called the James Graham Emerging Leaders Experience. 

Jan. 5-8, 2023 - Brookston, IN
June 10-14, 2023 - 
UMass Amherst & Williams College

Applications for the June DUEL are now open! As always, thanks to funding from the DU Educational Foundation, there are no registration fees for DUEL. However, attendees are responsible for travel costs. Applications are due April 21.

Apply for the June DUEL

Please note that DU staff can provide an excuse letter to your professor/supervisor should you need to miss class, your internship or work. In most instances, an absence will be approved so long as the professor/supervisor is notified well in advance of the program.

DUEL's Impact 

According to evaluation results, participants leave DUEL with a better understanding of DU’s Principles and Ritual, as well as their strengths as a leader, making them better prepared for service to DU and the world. Our annual Membership Outcomes Assessment data, DUEL attendees develop greater senses of: 

“My biggest takeaway is that we need to leverage our strengths and utilize those to lead rather than spend effort trying to improve our weaknesses."

- Nate Mead, Nebraska '21

Facilitator Interest

Want to help Delta Upsilon build better men? Complete our Facilitator Interest Form if you are interested in volunteering as a DU educational program facilitator.