Formerly known as GreekLifeEdu, this program educates DU members on alcohol, hazing, sexual assault, mental health and inclusivity.

About CommunityEdu

CommunityEdu is a science-based course that aims not to preach, but rather to teach the facts about alcohol, hazing, sexual assault, mental health and inclusivity. It empowers members to make well-informed decisions and provide simple strategies to keep them and their friends safe.

The online course provides modules of content featuring videos, discussion blogs, interactive activities and more. It includes helpful tools like a BAC calculator, a map of U.S. laws, safe partying strategies, and answers to common questions about hazing and sexual assault.

Per the DU Men of Merit Chapter Standards, all members should complete the CommunityEdu course during their associate member period. 

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How CommunityEdu Works

CommunityEdu has two parts.

Part One can be taken in multiple settings and takes about two hours to complete. After completing the first portion, students must take a comprehensive final exam. A grade of 80% or higher receives credit for completing Part One.

Part Two takes place 14 days after completing Part One. Upon completion of Module 4 (a follow-up module) and a survey, CommunityEdu is complete.

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